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ShopBuddy FAQs

What is ShopBuddy?
ShopBuddy is your shopping companion, alerting you to the latest deals and coupons available at your favourite online stores, saving you both time and money. Once you have ShopBuddy installed you will be able to go directly to your favourite stores without having to log into SHOP.COM, all the while saving money with valuable deals and coupons and earning SHOP Tracker points. ShopBuddy is free, fast and fun. Download ShopBuddy and starting saving today!
Is it available for all browsers and mobile devices?
I cannot see the Coupon Codes?
Why do I sometimes get a Sign-In popup?
How can I tell if I am earning SHOP Tracker points?
Will I earn the same SHOP Tracker points amount seen on SHOP.COM using ShopBuddy?
Is using ShopBuddy safe?
Sharing Computer - I share a computer, how do I change the user to ensure I am earning SHOP Tracker points?
I downloaded ShopBuddy for the first time or have changed users and it isn’t working, what should I do?
Why do I see a red ShopBuddy icon instead of a blue icon in the browser bar?
How do I disable or uninstall ShopBuddy?