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SHOPBOX Shop in Facebook


Create Your Own Facebook Store - Combining Social and Shopping in one place!

Launching your very own SHOPBOX enables you not only to connect your favorite products with your friends, but you can also earn cash on every purchase that your friends make through your personal SHOPBOX right on Facebook!

SHOP.COM's SHOPBOX is a great tool for you to share products to your friends through Facebook. Not only can your friends view your SHOPBOX through Facebook they can also shop directly within it without ever having to leave Facebook! Combining social media and online shopping into one place!

You have no active SHOPBOXes

To create a SHOPBOX, please follow the instructions

How it works

  • Click Add to this... dropdown and select SHOPBOX from the millions of product pages on SHOP.COM
  • Give your SHOPBOX a name
  • Click Add to SHOPBOX
  • Click Continue with SHOPBOX
  • Give your SHOPBOX a store front image that represents it
  • Post your SHOPBOX to start earning cash from your friends on Facebook!
SHOPBOX sample image