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SAVE 20% OFF THE FIRST £60.00 OF YOUR FIRST ORDER OF MARKET UNITED KINGDOM BRANDED PRODUCTS. DISCOUNT IS LIMITED TO £12.00, AND WILL BE APPLIED AS A 20% DISCOUNT TO THE FIRST £60.00 OF YOUR ORDER: This promotion is only applicable to fully registered customers of UK.SHOP.COM. Guest Checkout customers do not qualify. This offer is only available to first-time purchasers of UK.SHOP.COM who are not affiliated with an UnFranchise Owner/Shop Consultant before the time of purchase.

If this is the first time you've purchased a qualifying product, place qualifying items in your cart, provide the coupon code FIRST20OFF and complete your order before closing your browser or leaving the page. Discounted prices will be displayed in your shopping cart during the checkout process, before your order is final. The 20% discount will be applied evenly to the first qualifying products in your order, up to a maximum savings of £12.00. Qualifying products are limited to Market United Kingdom-branded products purchased through UK.SHOP.COM, and no other products.

Product brands included in this promotion are limited to: Cellular Laboratories®, Heart Health™, Isotonix®, Lumiere de Vie®, Motives® by Loren Ridinger, Motives® for La La, NutriClean®, Pet Health™, Prime™, Royal Spa®*, Snap™, Stealth Radar Shield™, TLS®* Weight Management Solution and Ultimate Aloe™.

The extra savings available through this promotion is available from 01 Aug 2023 and ends 31 Dec 2024 at 11:59 (PST). We reserve the right to end the promotion at any time.

* are Market America Trademarks registered in the USA.


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