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Angara UK Delivery and Return Policy

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Angara UK

0.0 out of 5 star rating.

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We built Angara from the stone, up. We are vertically-integrated, which means every step in the making of your jewellery is carefully handled by us. We source every single one of our gemstones sustainably. We cut and polish them ourselves with the utmost skill and respect, never forgetting that coloured gemstones and diamonds can take 30 million years to form in the depths of the earth. We then handcraft the designs you choose around them. Handmade also extends to our service. So unlike regular ecommerce businesses where a chatbot and an inbox are considered sufficient, we have a team of dedicated jewellery experts who can help with everything from education to style guru-ship (even explaining how garnets are connected to pomegranates). In fact, our service has earned us many recognitions, including awards from Newsweek, Bizrate Insights and Business Intelligence, all validating us as the “Internet’s Best Jeweller”.

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