Isoflex Professional High Performance Black Liquid Rubber 750ml

Isoflex Professional High Performance Black Liquid Rubber 750ml

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Product Information

A high performance elastomeric urethane coating, specially formulated to provide maximum protection for virtually all roofing surfaces. Unlike traditional bitumen based products Isoflex liquid Rubber does not become brittle with age or exposure. Its flexible formula (with an elasticity of up to 300%) will not crack, perish or peel and will be unaffected by most roof movement. Isoflex cures to form a robust, seamless membrane that adheres with remarkable strength to virtually all roofing surfaces provided they have been correctly prepared.

Suitable for roofing felt, asphalt, slates, asbestos, tiles, concrete, brick, corrugated iron, lead, copper, wood and glass.

  • 5 times more flexible than bitumen coatings.
  • Stops leaking roofs once and for all.
  • Adheres to all roofing surfaces.
  • Forms a permanent flexible waterproof coating.
  • Impervious to all weather conditions.
  • Long lasting durability.
  • Ideal for a variety of repairs as well as refurbishing felt roofs without stripping.
  • It will cover over 1 square metre per litre used.